FLAP is a modern reinterpretation of a classic bar cabinet.

Like a treasure chest – it’s a simple wooden box, taking care of its hidden contents and stimulates people’s curiosity to open it.

A diagonal cut defines the opening flap. The hinges are fully integrated in the metal framework.
The upper extension creates a flat supporting bow, which also serves as handle to open the cabinet.
The lower part or rather the legs are L-shaped profiles, for a great stability.

The bolts are additionally highlighted with a bras finishing and up-scaled endings.

When opened – the back part is for stored contents, where as the flap is transformed into a mirrored stage for presenting and preparing.
Additionally there is a removable, metal tray for smaller pieces such as tumblers or bar equipment.

The great interplay between straight geometry and the contrast of cold and warm materials is supported by fresh colours.
Even it’s originally intended to be a mini bar there are many other possibilities of storage use.


// 2nd Winner of the BOLIA DESIGN AWARD 2015 //

Denmark, 2015.