ART ON CHAIRS is an international event that promotes design and contemporary creativity as driving forces for innovation in industry and development across the board. An initiative by the „Portuguese Municipality of Paredes“ that seeks to reposition the territory as a reference in the production of high-quality furniture. „Art on Chairs“ brings together creation and production, culture and economy, local assets and global opportunities.


The design of the of the MAMMOTH chair is inspired by great archaic shapes as found in mother nature. Since the beginning of mankind these shapes have been interpreted by craftsmen from all different cultural backgrounds. That makes them globally understandable and directly linked to our collective consciousness.

The main seating area of the chair suggests a generous feeling of comfort. Slightly shaped surfaces and a welcoming backrest communicate a pleasant sitting experience. Although the armrest is not exactly defined, the softly rounded endings of the backrest structure invites our hands to rest on them and let them play with the well treated surface of the wooden chair.

An exciting contrast to the top part of the chair are the expressive legs. Instead of hiding all constructional elements, the chair offers some insights to its sophisticated structure. Most design elements, namely the shape of the backrest, are inspired by animals like the Mammoth and have been adapted to the required function and to match a contemporary style.



Dining Chair

Design Competition, Portugal 2014